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MAGIRT Map & Geospatial Resources: About MAGIRT

This guide provides high-quality, current, and vetted geospatial resources and professional tools for the map and geospatial information librarian. See us also at

ALA Annual 2015 in San Francisco, CA

MAGIRT Tour of the University of California Berkeley Map Library- Thanks for the wonderful tour!

Welcome to the MAGIRT Resource Guide

MAGIRT members have been hard at work creating this online resource guide for all of us involved in the geospatial librarianship world.  Information is free for you to use (and contribute to) on topics ranging from what MAGIRT is up to.  Above you will see tabs leading to content categories.  Some link to MAGIRT committee activities. Others link to resources of interest to the geospatial librarianship community.

MAGIRT members are invited to contribute to this guide, please send your suggestions HERE.

The People of MAGIRT

Currently MAGIRT has 279 personal members, 39 Organizational members, and 1 Corporate members for a total of 319 members. 

MAGIRT Annoucements


Mapping ALA Membership

MAGIRT loves mapping, and why not apply that skill to better understand our American Library Association (ALA)?  We delved into that topic in collaboration with ALA's Membership Office and the result is a wonderful interactive mapping application that you can explore on your own!

Check it out here!

Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and feedback at 

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MAGIRT Leadership & Governing Documents

It is the people who make MAGIRT powerful, and it is our policies and governing documents that allow us to operate efficiently and professionally.  Here you can find the information on both of these items.