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MAGIRT Map & Geospatial Resources: Data Sources

This guide provides high-quality, current, and vetted geospatial resources and professional tools for the map and geospatial information librarian. See us also at



Maryland DNR -- direct data downloads

Maryland MD iMAP -- map and data portal. Links to separate county GIS portals as well as data for Maryland.


Delaware Geospatial Data Exchange -- you must create an account before and data can be downloaded.

New Jersey

New Jersey Geographic Information Network -- direct download of GIS data layers and also web services.

 New Jersey Geological and Water Survey Data -- direct download of gis data layers.


PASDA -- direct download of gis data layers


CityMaps -- interactive mapping tool with links for WMS into ArcGIS

New York

New York State GIS Clearinghouse -- direct download of orthoimagery, Data sets require a user to join the Data Co-op.

CUGIR -- GIS data repository from Cornell. Free direct download of data.

 --New York City

NYC Oasis -- interactive data with links to info for direct download

 NYCityMap -- interactive maps only

NYC Open Data catalog -- direct download of more than just GIS related data.

 Bytes of the Big Apple -- direct download of gis related data layers.


MAGIC -- direct download of data layers

 Rhode Island

Rhode Island Geographic Information System -- direct data downloads.


MassGIS Data layers --direct download capabilities.


City of Boston -- direct data download and interactive maps


Vermont Center for Geographic Information -- direct download of data layers, also has an interactive mapping tool and three WMS (web mapping services)

 New Hampshire

New Hampshire Statewide GIS Clearinghouse -- direct data downloads.


Maine Office of GIS -- data catalog and online services and mapping

Canada and Mexico

Canadian Open Data Portal -- data provided by 38 federal departments/agencies and 56 provinces/agencies, municipalities, districts etc. Data is provided in a wlde range of formats such as tiff, geotiff, ecw, shp, geodatabase.  

Mexico Geospatial Data -- good source for free data of Mexico, includes geospatial data of census block boundaries; electoral boundaries (seccioines, distritos), geostatistical infrastructure data (such as elevation contours, rivers, archaeological sites etc.) provided by an individual. 

Data Sources

This page provides links and descriptions to spatial data sources from state and local agencies for North America.  The criteria for being selected include:

  • The data is hosted by a state agency, state institution (university or college), or local agency (county or city)
  • Metadata must be available
  • Provides ability to download or request data

The links are arranged by region - Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast.  Links are also provided for Canada and Mexico.  Within each region, the data is arranged by state, major counties and major cities. 


North Dakota

North Dakota GIS Hub Data Portal -- provides data download; data services; web maps; metadata catalog for Communications, Ecological, Elevation, Emergency Services, Geographic Reference, Geology, Government Boundaries, Federal Lands, State Lands, Hydrography, Imagery, Land Use/Cover, Locations, and Transportation

South Dakota

South Dakota GIS --provides data download; web maps appear not to work for Boundaries, Demographics, Elevation, Geology, Imagery, Locations, Transportation, and Water Resources.


NebraskaMAP -- provides data services; web maps; metadata catalog for Administrative & Political Boundaries; Agriculture & Farming; Atmosphere & Climate; Biology & Ecology; Business & Economic; Cadastral; Cultural, Society & Demography; Elevation & Derived Products; Environment & Conservation; Facilities & Structures; Geological & Geophysical; Human Health & Disease; Imagery & Base Maps; Inland Water Resources; Locations & Geodetic Networks; Military; Oceans & Estuaries; Transportation Networks; and Utilities & Communication.


Omaha-Douglass Connection GIS


Kansas Data Access & Support Center -- includes the following data: Administrative Boundaries; Cadastral/Real Estate; Census Demographics; County/Local Government; Critical Infrastructure & Structures; Cultural & Recreational; Documentation; Elevation; Enrionmental Resources; Imagery & Raster; Land Surface Geology Soils; Services; Transportation; Utilities & Energy Resources; Water Resources; and Archive


MnGeo - Minnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse -- Data download; web maps; web services; metadata catalog. Plans to replace with MN Geospatial Commons in 2014 for Aerial photography; Elevation; Emergency Preparedness; Geology; Land ownership; Land use/cover; Soils; Utilities & telcommunications, Water.

--Minneapolis/St. Paul

MetroGIS -- Separate apps for web services and data


Iowa Geospatial Data Clearinghouse -- Metadata catalog.  Seems no recent activity; DNR & DOT have own clearinghouses


Missouri Spatial Data Information Service -- Data download; web services; metadata catalog for Administrative & Political Boundaries; Agriculture & Farming; Atmosphere & Climate; Biology & Ecology; Business & Economic; Cadastral; Cultural, Society & Demography; Elevation & Derived Products; Environment & Conservation; Facilities & Structures; Geological & Geophysical; Human Health & Disease; Imagery & Base Maps; Inland Water Resources; Locations & Geodetic Networks; Military; Oceans & Estuaries; Transportation Networks; Utilities & Communication.

--St. Louis

Geo St. Louis 

--Kansas City

Kansas City MO GIS


Wisconsin Land Information Clearinghouse -- Data download; web services; web maps; metadata catalog for Agriculture; Biological Resources; Buildings & Structures; Climate, Meteorology or Atmosphere; Economy; Elevation; Environment; Health; Imagery & Base Maps; Locations & Reference Points; Military; Planning & Zoning; Political Boundaries; Society; Soils & Geology; Transportation; Utilities & Communication; Water Resources


Map Milwaukee


Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse -- Topographic maps; Aerial photography; Geology; Land use; Natural resources; Infrastructure.


City of Chicago GIS -- Data download, web maps for Boundaries; Cemeteries; Forest Preserves; Hospitals; Major Streets; Pedway Routes; Railroads; School Grounds; Streets; Waterways


IndianaMAP -- Data download; map services; web maps for Demographics; Environment; Geology; Government; Hydrology; Imagery; Infrastructure; Reference.




Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program -- Data download, web maps; metadata server for Administrative boundaries; Census; Imagery.


Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System


Cleveland GIS


City of Columbus GIS Portal


Michigan  Geographic Data Library -- Data download; web maps; metadata catalog for Aerial & Satellite Imagery; Census; Geographic Framework; Geology; Water Resources; Land cover/use; Management Boundaries; Mineral Management; National Wetlands Inventory; Ownership; Place Features; Plant and Animal Locations; Political Features; Public Land Survey; Soils; Topography; Transportation.


Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

--Grand Rapids

Access Kent GIS



AlabamaView --  provides access to remote sensing imagery and GIS data layers for the state.  Click on individual counties to view data and download shape files of transportation, hydrology, census and administrative boundary data, and more. 


Arkansas GeoStor -- provides access to various raster and vector data layers for the state. Search and preview data via GeoStor Viewer.  Download data via FTP.


Florida Geographic Data Library -- a GIS data clearinghouse for Florida maintained by University of Florida Center.  Search and download data via FGDL Metadata Explorer.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection GIS Directory -- provides access to Florida environmental protection data such as water quality, drainage, park and more. Includes metadata.

Central Florida -- a CF GIS data clearinghouse covering more than 10 Central Florida counties. FGDC compliant metadata and data downloads.

Apalachicola River Basin  -- provides the seven county ARROW region datasets related to land use such as aquatic preserves, bird trails, cemeteries, elevations, trails, hydrology line, sinkholes, and more.  FGDC compliant metadata and data downloads.

South Florida Water Management District  – provides water resources related data such as Inland waters, conservation, vegetation management and more. FGDC compliant metadata and data downloads.

--Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County -- provides access to the county wide GIS data in shape, DWG, and KML files. Includes extensive metadata.


Georgia GIS Clearinghouse  -- provides access to statewide GIS data including aerial imagery and maps of the state.  Must register with the site to search and download data.

Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research -- provides access to raster and vector data related to environment in Coweeta and Little Tennessee River Drainage area.  Data include DEM, DOQQs, streams, roads, weirs, watershed boundaries, historical county boundaries, historic buildings covered back to early 1900 and more. Can view maps, metadata and download data.


Atlanta Regional Commission GIS Data  -- provides access to data related to the regional planning such as population and housing, transportation, urbanized area, natural resources, and more. Includes interactive mapping site. 

City of Atlanta  -- a GIS data catalog with the FGDC compliant metadata on layers maintained and used by the City. Request data by filling out a form.


KyGeoportal -- provides comprehensive access to KY geospatial data including historic maps.  Preview data for maps before downloading and depositing data to share. FGDC compatible metadata. 

--Lexington/Fayette County

Lexington/Fayette County  -- provides access to local community GIS data for voting and school districts, historical census boundaries and land use, environmental and transportation data, and more. 


Louisiana Geographic Information Center  -- provides multiple GIS data resources maintained by Louisiana State University for the state including:

  • Atlas Data Portal  to download Tiger, geotiff for DEMs, DRGs, DOQQs, LiDAR, flood data, and more.
  • LAGIS Metadata Catalog, the statewide geospatial data catalog to search and download data.
  • LOSCO Data Catalog, a repository for Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office Environmental Baseline Inventory data.  FGDC metadata for each data set. 


Mississippi Automated Resource Information System -- provides access to statewide GIS Datasets covering various data categories for all counties and the state such as administrative, cadastral, hydrology, transportation, education, online historic maps, and more.  Metadata and data downloads.

North Carolina

NC OneMap -- provides comprehensive access to NC geospatial data resources including parcels and online historical maps. 

South Carolina

USC GIS Data Server -- provides access to the GIS data collection acquired by the University of South Carolina, includes reference codes and data downloads.


TN GIS  -- provides a TN GIS clearinghouse for accessing comprehensive data on Census, DRG, Elevation, Land Use, Soils, Water, and Wetlands.  Data dictionary and data downloads.

TNMAP  -- provides access to TN Base Map data and state agency produced data via interactive mapping site.  Includes Redistricting Census and Congressional Districts boundaries in shape and KML files.


Virginia Geographic Information Network  -- provides access to VA statewide Base Map data such as orthoimagery, transportation, elevation, and government boundaries, hydrology, and more.

VEDP GIS Datasets -- provides access to GIS data related to economic developments in VA such as education and health care facilities, transportation, economic incentives, quality of life, and more.

UVA Library Geoportal  -- provides access to UVA geospatial data holdings (such as UVA campus data layers).  Includes metadata.

GeoBrain Online Repository -- an online repository for satellite image data such as NASA EOS data, NOAA and USGS data product, and DEM maintained by George Mason University.  FGDC compliant metadata and data downloads. 

West Virginia

West Virginia GIS Technical Center -- provides comprehensive access to geospatial data for WV maintained by University of West Virginia.  Links to surrounding State Data resources. 



AZGeo Clearinghouse, --includes map services, FGDC metadata, and geospatial data.

AZ Dept of Water Resources provides water resources related data. 

AZ Geological Survey -- shapefiles and geodatabases included as part of studies/reports in the Document Repository. 

--Pima County

Pima County GIS –  view maps and metadata.  To download data, you need to request a log-in and password. 

--Maricopa County

Maricopa County GIS Portal  -- to request GIS data, need to fill out a form. 

New Mexico

New Mexico Resource GIS Clearinghouse -- geospatial data acquired from local and national public agencies or created for RGIS.

--Bernadillo County

Bernadillo County GIS Program -- download GIS data and orthoimagery as SID files. 

--Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County GIS, -- need to request GIS data using a form.


City of Albuquerque Download GIS -- includes metadata, shapefiles, and KMZ files. 


Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) -- archives, maintains, and distributes the largest collection of current and historical spatial geographic data sets for the State of Texas.

Texas A & M University GIS Online Data -- includes local, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Texas data.


OK Maps Oklahoma -- includes interactive map; can view data in Google Earth; and download data as shapefiles, KML, MapInfo TAB, Microstation DGN, CSV, and CAD DXF. 

University of Oklahoma Center for Spatial Analysis Data Warehouse -- a variety of data from several Oklahoma agencies.


ColoradoView   -- part of the U.S. Geological Survey AmericaView consortium.  Provides access to Landsat, MODIS, Aerial Imagery and state vector data. 

Colorado Decision Support Systems  -- includes data as geodatabases, zipped shapefiles, or raster files.

--Boulder County

Boulder County GIS  -- includes comprehensive plan, control points, disaster data, hydrography, parcel data, wildfire protection, and zoning data.   


Denver Open Data Catalog  -- includes crime, parcel data, aerial imagery, various boundaries, demographic data etc.; some data available as comma-delimited files.


Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center  -- data to download or connect to online services. 

Utah Geological Survey -- download GIS geologic and hazards map data, basemap image files, project files and layer files.

--Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City GIS  --download data as zipped shapefiles. 


University of Nevada, Reno W.M. Keck Earth Sciences & Mining Research -- includes NAIP, CIR, DOQQs, DRGs, Aster, Landsat, NED, DEM etc.

Nevada Natural Heritage Program -- species data, vegetation and landscape ecology data, and miscellaneous base layers as zipped shapefiles and raster grid files.

--Clark County

Clark County GIS Management Office -- includes Southern Nevada GIS data including street centerlines, general points of interest, tax code boundaries, zoning classifications etc.

--Washoe County

Washoe County Data Warehouse  -- includes county data, aerial orthophotography, and county data for sale.


City of Reno GIS Data -- includes annexation, city limits, wards, master plan, zoning, and special planning areas.  To download data, need to fill out a form. 


State of California Geoportal  -- broad range of data at the state level.

Caltrans GIS Data Library -- transportation related data.  Need to request data. 

California Natural Resources Atlas/Map Server -- map services for natural resources data

Cal Fire GIS Data -- various fire related data including vegetation, water, and tree seed zones.

California Fish and Wildlife, Biogeographic Data  -- a clearinghouse of GIS data used by the CDFW, including marine, biological, vegetation, and base datasets.

GeoData@UC Berkeley -- includes basic reference layers for California, and various San Francisco and northern California.

--Los Angeles and area

Southern California Association of Governments GIS & Data -- geospatial data for Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Imperial Counties

--San Francisco

City and County of San Francisco Data Portal  -- diverse set of data (including many non-geospatial datasets) from San Francisco. Can limit by type of data, but some geospatial datasets are included in the category "External Datasets"


City of Sacramento GIS Data -- includes data such as city boundaries, planning areas, historic districts, parks, schools, subdivisions, and zoning.

Sacramento Area Council of Governments -- data available as  zipped shapefiles and KML files.  

--San Diego

San Diego GIS - SanGIS -- data available as zipped shapefiles.